The Umbrella

the umbrella in skyI dont know why i love this word, ‘umbrella’. Maybe coz i think that it’s like a simple shield from the dangerous sky. Everything can be dangerous for us, especially the spectacular sky. Allah had memorize us that everything can be dangerous in one of His verse:

“From the evil of that which He created”(al-Falaq:2)

Sky can produce ultraviolet which danger our skin. It also can disturb us with its rain water. Imagine when we have tidy our performance to go to campus, but then at the way, there are rain. Oh my God, so annoying if we hold no umbrella.

Umbrella symbolizes protection. Remember the verse at the previous. If everything can be dangerous for us, so what’s the solution? Allah answer in al-Fatihah verse 5:

“It is You we worship and You we ask for help”(al-Fatihah:5)

Or you can pray ‘hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiil’ when you in danger. It has similar meaning with that verse. Its the real umbrella of a pure Muslim. When you had choose this umbrella, follow as-sunnah to get protection before and after die. Just leave thoghut.


2 responses to “The Umbrella

  1. Assalamu’alaikum
    I am very interest with your opinion, though defence of the mukmin and moslem of course not similar to umbrella. Umbrella only protect from upper, is’nt it? He he. Just kidding, Sis… Salam ukhuwwah min al faqir.

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