Menkominfo Visit UNISLA


To day, saturday, January 31th 2009. There is an event held by NU at UNISLA, University where i teach now. The special guest is menkominfo RI, Prof. Ir. H. Muhammad Nuh MSc, DEA. In this event, he gives speech. And then visit education exhibition which is held in this campus too. Fortunately, i bring my camera and my student success to get some Mr. Nuh’s pictures. In this moment, the one that i can’t forget that he is smiling at me while says “klu? congrat…”. (though actually i dont know much about klu-komunitas linux unisla :mrgreen: )

At the other side, i still remember a story about him when still became pens director. When maghrib time was coming, and there still was a college at his campus, he koncked the door and gave warning to the class so that they pray maghrib. Its a good example for his student. Smart in tech, smart in religion. And i hope this manner can spread and infect us. Wherever and whenever we are.

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Its my first post in 2009. And to day is my blog’s birthday. My first post in this blog was posted in 1 january 2008. When a lot of people celebrated new year, i was alone in my boarding house at surabaya at that time. So i decided to make my new blog after had closed my old blog at saveral time.

Inspired by some friend’s blog which is written in english, i want to do the same. But maybe sometime i’ll write my article in englsh and sometime in indonesian. Coz i want to sharp my writing in indonesian too. I hope that someday i’ll write a book. And of course the book is in indonesian.

Thanks to my friends, i got a lot of sms about new year. But for hijriyah year at the last monday. But i didnt know who the sender for some sms, so sorry if i didn’t reply them.